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Ideas for Better Bathrooms - Samples

Good Things for the Bathroom
The Bedroom and Bathroom Decorating section of MarthaStewart.com offers a lot of ideas for the bathroom. For example, learn about how to make color-coded towel tags so your family and guests don't confuse their wipe towels. Of course, Martha Stewart always shows you how to do something, so these articles tell you the tools and materials you need, as well as step-by-step instructions. Another "good thing: for the bathroom is organizers, such as medicine cabinets, draw dividers, towel bars, a terry-cloth caddy, towel ladder, uniform plastic bottles, bathroom cubbyhole shelves, magnet organizers, toiletry organizer, sliding trays, planter shelves and more. There's also features on Clean, Green Bathrooms and Our Favorite Bathrooms.

Luxury Bathrooms
This website offers some helpful tips to make your bathroom more luxurious, using otherwise inexpensive touches. Area rugs provide a touch of softness for your feet. An area rug would also add color and texture to your bathroom, and give it life. A cushy chair or bench in the bathroom is great to relax after a bath. A towel warmer may be going over the edge, but it's another great luxury bathroom must-have. Plants and flowers have a naturally calming effect on bathroom décor, as does a radio or CD player to add to the mood of the bathroom. Scented candles, fluffy and large towels, a television and even a telephone add luxury and warmth to your bathroom. Throw in a spa robe, built-in hair dryer and a fresh coat of paint on the walls and your bathroom will be decorated up to par.

Useful Bathroom Renovation Tips from Down Under
This section on Masters.com.au, the official website of Australia's Masters Home Improvement, offers tips and inspiration to people who want renovate their bathrooms, regardless of the size. For the first tip, the post suggests that homeowners should know what they need and want in a bathroom. Considering the space and budget is a must, but the article emphasized that the cheapest is not always the best. For bathroom accessories such as cabinets, it is being recommended to choose the ones that can maximize the bathroom space. The post also features different kinds of shower systems available in the market today.

Bathroom Decorating Ideas on Better Home and Gardens
This Better Home and Gardens guide includes links to bathroom decorating styles that include country retreat, clean and contemporary, and time-honored tradition, all of which can be expressed through a bathroom's colors, fixtures, and fine details. The sassy sink skirts section includes homey gathering, sheer delight and center stage styles, which can cover up plumbing pipes. Whitewashed bathroom styles as well as those with color schemes are also included. In addition, nostalgic bathrooms with vintage and mixed-age materials are provided. Photos of bathroom styles complete the guide.

Visit the site for more: BetterBathroomIdeas.com.

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