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Ideas for Home Building - Samples (01)

Pearce Construction Builds to Suit in Reno
Are you looking for builder in or near Reno, Nevada? Consider Pearce Construction for your custom project. Visitors to the site can see examples of this company's work in the $850,000 and up range. Click on Construction Tips to find out how to choose the right builder and architect for you, how to control concrete expansion, installing drywall and windows, and hardwood floors.

Build Your Own Dock with Tommy Docks
Tommy Docks offers docks in a box so that DIYers can build their own docks. Get answers to FAQs, see available product options, and check out an installation video. Visitors to the web site can design their own dock to their specifications.

Get Roofing Repair Tips from This Old House
Visitors to this portion of this informative site can learn about the steps involved in repairing roofing shingles that have become damaged as time goes on. Homeowners who are wondering when to repair a roof instead of replacing it can find helpful information here. Other helpful information provided here includes swapping shingles as well as how to repair cracks in them. Tips for fixing curled corners and a video explaining how to reshingle a roof have also been posted here.

Do You Want to Know the Latest Design Trends? Be Sure to Check Out DesignBasics.com
If you were going to choose a new home design, how would you decide what features you have to have and which ones are not as important to you when you are building a new home? DesignBasics.com provides site visitors with a number of articles designed to help you figure out what aspects of home design are must-haves for you. Check out information about kitchen and bathroom design, flexible living spaces, and woman-centric design. Since design is not only concerned with the interior of your home, you will also find facts about siding, exterior color choices, and more. Your design needs change as you go through different stages in your life, and you can learn about the design needs and wants of baby boomers, empty nesters, and retirees.

Let Sound Home Resource Center Be Your Guide to Home Improvements, Construction, and Home Maintenance
Whether you are looking for information about water and moisture problems, siding, decks, soundproofing, or plumbing, you will find it at the Sound Home Resource Center website. Basements, bathrooms, condominums, Kitchens, skylights, and roofing are also covered here. If you still have questions after checking out the collection of articles, you can contact George Guttmann by e-mail or phone for a personal consultation (for a fee). George also provides some helpful house-hunting tips, as well as a glossary of terms. The Your Stories section of the site is the place to go to read about other people's experiences (good and bad) in the world of home construction and renovation. From trials to triumph, you will find it here.

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