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Ideas for Home Buildintg - Samples (02)

Don't Plan on Doing it Yourself Until you Check Out DIY Network
Would you like to take charge of your construction project and be your own building contractor? The DIY Network offers site vistors a wealth of information in the form of articles, videos, and a monthly newsletter delivered by e-mail. Explore advice on how to get started, digging and installing the foundation, framing, insulation, roofing, and siding. Additional topics covered include the home's heating and air conditioning systems, walls, flooring, and windows. Learn how to design your new kitchen and bathroom. Find out how to use finish painting and landscaping techniques to make your home uniquely yours.

How to Build an Outdoor Gas/Propane Fire Pit
Outdoor gas fire pits are an option for some homeowners, but a model that burns wood or charcoal adds an air of drama to your outdoor living space. Materials and tools needed for the project are listed here, along with instructions for drawing the circle and digging the pit. Filling the pit with gravel and marking the circle for the retaining wall come next in the process. Learn how to stack the first row of retaining wall units and add the adhesive to keep the blocks in place. General installation tips are also provided here.

Home Improvement Novices To Gurus Can Get Questions Answered on RafterTales.com
If you are in need of a really fast and easy resource when it comes to home building and improvement, the minds behind RafterTales are here to help. This informative web site offers up hundreds of tips and articles— there's everything from general architecture help to advice on making an appliance or tool purchase. Visitors will find a number of sections with detailed information, including Home Building, Remodeling, Home Decor, Home Improvement, and Gardening. And if you're looking for decorating advice, you'll find just about every category covered here—from boys and girls, teens and tots, to Southwestern motifs and Tuscan flavor.

Why Do It Yourself? This Site Will Spell It Out For You
Building your own home has its advantages, and HowToBooks.co.uk covers them all—from financial incentives to quality control. This online article details how a do-it-yourself perspective to homebuilding can increase your personal satisfaction with the project and how your skill set can save you money at the same time. There are a bevy of links on the how-to aspect of designing and building as well, from finding land to hiring an architect. Advice on a wide variety of projects are also here, such as roofing and flooring and interior design.

Building a Log Home
Have you ever thought about what it would be like to build your own log home? Visit this informative site from Long & Timber Homes Network to learn about the process. The first step is to find the perfect location, and the people who own this site certain have found a picturesque location for their dream vacation home. Tips for choosing a contractor are posted here, along with photos of the hole for the foundation being dug, and the logs being installed. If you find the project interesting, sign up for the RSS feed to keep up on the latest developments on the project!

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