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Aging with Dignity: The Five Wishes
Aging with Dignity was founded in 1996 and provides people with dignity during aging and dying. The Five Wishes document helps doctors and loved ones know what you would like if you are not able to speak for yourself. It specifies which person you want to make health care decisions in the event that you cannot; the kind of medical treatment you do or donít want to be; how comfortable you want to be; how you want people to treat you; and what you want loved ones to know before you pass. The topic may be hard to bring up for caregivers and seniors alike, but having this document set forth is vital to ensure you age with dignity.

Elder Home Care Information
This site of senior home care features information about medical alarm issues, caregiving, dealing with Alzheimerís disease, dementia, hospice care, exercise and elder nutrition. Explore many health topics such as how exercise helps seniors and is a vital part of maintaining health while aging. The site features reviews of books and other materials for seniors. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed or email to receive news update and breaking stories.

Fire Prevention: Why Seniors Should Pay Attention to Rules
Everyone should note popular fire safety and fire prevention tips, but elderly citizens need to be especially educated as to fire safety and prevention. As aging adults, they have delayed response times and can experience memory loss. Thatís why you should stay in the kitchen and watch the stove when you cook, keep space between space heaters and anything that can burn like furniture and rugs. Seniors should avoid smoking indoors and use large ashtrays if they do. Itís a great idea for elders to have a fire escape route planned, and to make sure their smoke alarms are regularly updated with fresh batteries.

How to Stay Healthy When You're 70 and Older
People aged 70 and above can experience physiological changes. However, there are still a lot of ways on how to stay healthy despite having old age. To start with, you should stay connected to people and things that matter to you. To help you deal with difficult changes, you need to accept the fact there are some things you cannot control. Having a good sense of humor also helps. As you age, the common challenges you might face includes balance disorders, memory loss, inadequate nutrition, trouble sleeping, and lack of exercise. If you need tips and solutions for these problems, check this helpful article at HealthCommunities.com.

Home Design: Small Improvements to Make Your Home Senior-Ready
From AARP comes this extremely useful section on how to improve your home and get it ready for when you become a senior citizen. For current elders, here are some great ways to make your house easier to live in, and to add value to it. It includes low-cost ideas for improving the safety and comfortability of your home, as well as a bathroom checklist and ways to improve the lighting in your home. Do you have a physical disability? There are plenty of home design solutions for elders to improve their homes and make them safer. Interested in building a ramp? Give your builder these guidelines to make your home senior-ready.

Eldergym.com is the official website of Doug Schrift, a physical therapist, a certified geriatric specialist, and a senior fitness coach. Here, he offers some senior fitness programs and free exercises for elderly people along with tutorial videos. The exercises are arranged in categories such as lower body stretches, upper body stretches, lower body strengthening, upper body strengthening, balance exercises, and posture exercises. Among the specific drills are seated lifts, standing quadriceps stretch, back stretch, inner thigh stretch, calf stretch, and many more. There are also articles on how to learn correct posture, the different techniques in breathing, how to increase your flexibility, how to gain endurance, and how to develop better balance.

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