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Guide About About Cats for Seniors by the American Humane Association
Cats make good companions to people including seniors. Elderly people who own a cat tend to improve their physical and mental health. And because cats provide affection and entertainment, seniors become less lonely and busy because of their responsibilities as a pet owner. Although dogs can provide the same benefits, some older people cannot handle them and provide their needs. But if you are a senior and you want to adopt a cat, you should also consider some factors. This includes the age of the cat and who will take care of it in case you are not capable anymore to do it. For more details, check this guide by the American Humane Association.

Senior Service Directory
Senior Service Directory is an online portal of senior services, senior-related products and useful information pertaining to aging. The directory encompasses over 100 cities around North America so you can find the products and services youčre looking for right in your local area. Seniors, older adults, family members and senior caregivers can easily gain access to what they need as they deal with new changes and challenges. Find senior services and helpful resources in many facets of elder life including living arrangements, recreation, travel, estate services, health, medical supplies, employment, home services, delivery, volunteering, education and more.

Retirement Resources for Elders
If you’re retired or thinking about planning your retirement, the Retirement Living Information Center has plenty of resources for senior citizens. You can pick a state to find out about active adult living communities and other elderly living facilities, or find the best destinations for retirement. Compare taxes by state to learn about retirement income, property taxes and senior exemptions. Find out about retirement living news by following trends in housing and retirement lifestyles. And you can check out retirement communities, as well as looking through senior publications online, as well as state agencies concerned with the elderly.

Alternative Health for Seniors: Massage, Acupuncture and More
WebMD features information on numerous health topics, and has a health and balance section for regular adults and the elderly. Topics include anxiety, depression, exercise, fatigue, headaches, therapy, stress, and more. Learn about meditation, prayer, massage, yoga, chiropractic care, tai chi, acupuncture, supplements, hypnosis and other alternative health treatments. Staying balanced is vital for senior health, and the elderly can benefit from alternative health measures such as chiropractic care and massage.

101 Activities for Elderly People Living with Teens and Young Kids by the Alzheimer's Association
If you are a senior who lives with teens and young kids, you may have difficulties in socializing with them. However, this is not always true as there are many activities that you can still do together. This includes listening to music, playing a musical instrument, dancing, making homemade lemonade, baking cookies, making sandwiches, cooking family recipe, combing each other's hair, planting seeds, folding laundry, looking at family photos, making a scrapbook, talking about great inventions, making holiday cards, and solving puzzles. You see, the list can be endless. If you still want more, check this list of 101 activities for elderly people by the Alzheimer's Association.

Elder Safety & Security from Move's Home & Garden
This site provides many articles pertaining to home safety and security, including several that pertain specifically to senior citizen health and safety. They cover how to avoid hazards in the bathroom such as slippery bathtubs and floor rugs, prevent falls, sleep soundly at night, protect your patio so you can enjoy outdoors, guard your grandchildren, keep your home office safe, practice safety in the kitchen and stamp out dangers in the living room. It covers a room-by-room overview of safety adjustments you can make. Cold weather safety tips for the elderly are also included. It takes only a little time to review this material and practice what you learn for better senior safety.

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