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Healthy Aging Articles from HealthCentral
Today many seniors can live longer, better lives because of new medicines that keep them healthy. Along with better nutrition and low cholesterol, low salt diets, the development of drugs that help us as we age has reduced death rates from heart attacks, strokes, and suicides significantly in the past few decades. But medications used by any aging person are truly the proverbial double-edged sword, since as many as 80 percent of the elderly are on confusing multiple-drug regimens, says the author of this article. It discusses how aging affects medicine use, diet and health for elders, aging, mental health, and gives an overview of the following conditions: high blood pressure, kidney disease, liver disease, respiratory problems, cardiac disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, diabetes and more.

Why Seniors Who Adopt Pets Often Stay in Better Shape
Eventually in your senior years, your needs will be different as your body and behavior changes. But according to this article by Power of Paws, a movement that gives seniors new reasons and ways on how they can strengthen the bond with their pets, pet ownership for seniors has a lot of benefits. This includes having a clear sense of purpose, decreased likelihood of depression be more likely to exercise, and receiving unconditional love and attention. Seniors who adopt pets also tend to feel less stress, improve their morale, and become more independent. Pets also serve as social lubricants for elderly people, simply because pet owner usually enjoy talking to each other about their pets.

Crime Prevention for Elders
Elder citizens can learn to protect themselves by following these tips for safety at home, with finances, in the car, while out shopping and while walking. Crime and the fear of crime create special problems for the elderly. Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility, not just a job for law enforcement, according to this site by the Sarasota, Florida County Sheriff’s Office. Tips include locking doors and windows, installing a peephole at your home door, avoiding walking alone at night, keeping your purse nearby, having your key ready when going to your home door, not carrying bulky bags, keeping car doors locked and stopping at traffic lights while keeping the car in gear.

Senior Health: A to Z
Learn more about elder health and how you can prevent conditions and treat existing conditions you may have. This site explores topics such as senior abuse and neglect, coping with Alzheimer’s disease, care management, aging parents, depression and suicide, drugs, exercise plans, facing loneliness as a senior, caring for aging parents, choosing a caregiver, alcohol, nutrition, shingles, Parkinson’s disease, osteoporosis, health risks in seniors, fall prevention, and senior sexual health. A great place to turn to when you want the latest senior health information.

Traveling for Elders: Trip Tips
Taking a trip? There are a few tips for elder travel that will make your adventure much easier to enjoy. Tips for traveling seniors include leaving a detailed itinerary with friends at home including your schedule and contact information for places you are visiting. Trip insurance is a great idea if your trip gets cancelled. Another good tip is to reserve hotel rooms with specially equipped rooms first. Especially for elders, bring an ample supply of your medication in the original containers. Do not use pill cases and bring copies of your prescriptions and if possible, carry a letter from your doctor about your medicines. More tips for traveling seniors are included here, a great checklist to browse before you book your next trip!

Preparing Your Home for an Older You
If you’re thinking about your retirement years, you’ll want to focus on your home. Will you stay at your current home? If so, this article includes great tips for making your home retirement and senior-friendly. Tips include creating additional closets, preparing the toilet area with a support handle, installing a step-in shower, adding an alarm system, adding safe floor coverings and more. There are plenty of ways to get your home retirement ready and this article will help you get your home ready to maintain elder health. If you visit with some of the older folks in your life, they will tell you how important it is to have sturdy handrails, walking paths that are level and free from clutter, and everyday necessities that are within easy reach. A little planning and a little remodeling during your working years could make your retirement days a lot more carefree, says the article author.

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