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6 Very Important Nutrition Tips for Seniors on AgingCare.com
If you have elderly parents, you would always want them to stay active and healthy. In this article at AgingCare.com, you can read some vital health tips for seniors as recommended by Ruth Frechman, a registered dietitian and the spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. Here, Frechman recommends preparing meals that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and vitamin D. As the caregiver, you should make sure that your parents are slowly incorporating the changes in their food. To do that, you need to set yourself as an example. If they resist, blend their food so they can still enjoy eating them. Your parents should also avoid too much salty foods. In addition, make sure that they drink plenty of water.

Senior Transportation and Driver Safety
This website is brought to you by the State of Florida Department of Transportation and offers the elderly safe alternatives to get to where they need to go. You can find alternative transportation in your area, such as carpools, busing options and trains. In addition, you can assess your driving knowledge and link to national driving resources to make sure that you take to the road safely. Use the database which will help you search by county and city for senior transportation resources in your area of Florida.

Housing and Living Alternatives for the Elderly
Senior citizens have different housing needs caused by poor health, limited mobility, memory loss, loneliness or too much space and upkeep to deal with. Thatís why there are more alternatives now for them to still live at home and maintain independence. Some opt for a smaller home or condominium, or hire live-in help. There are elder apartments and retirement communities that can help seniors maintain health but still be independent and living in their own homes. Elders donít have to go into nursing homes or assisted living centers; if an alternative is possible you wonít want to miss out on this information.

Apples for Health: Senior Features
Seniors are living longer and healthier lives because of their increased awareness of health and medical issues.†This website offers information for elders to keep them healthy and help them improve the quality and longevity of life. Topics include elder relationships, cancer, restoring the fountain of youth, senior fitness, sex and aging, pharmacy interactions, arthritis and more. There are plenty of links on this site, which is updated weekly, to give you more information on senior health news and resources. The rest of the site has very useful information on alternative medicine for elders, organ donation, healthy eating, exercise, nutrition and more.

Benefits of Pets for Seniors on the Pets for the Elderly Foundation (PEF)
For the elderly people, having a pet can help them in so many ways. Its benefits are explained in this page at the Pets for the Elderly Foundation (PEF), a non-profit organization that started in Cleveland in 1992 and helps seniors by paying a portion of the adoption cost of an animal companion or pet. According to PEF, pets ease loss of a loved one, offer affection and unconditional love, and helps fight loneliness especially to old people. Seniors also tend to become more active which can result to fewer visits to the doctor. As a proof to these benefits, you can read the summaries of studies conducted and articles from medical websites.

Discount Travel Tips for 50+ Seniors
If youíre over the age of 50, you can get some wonderful travel deals. According to some estimates, people who are age 50 and older account for nearly 80 percent of all leisure travel spending, the author says. The elderly have more discretionary income than other travels, and take longer vacations. So with all the elder travel discounts out there, this article will help you find out which ones are best. Tips include securing senior travel discounts early, using travel agents and the Internet, getting the best deals, finding bargaining power for travel trips, and more. A very useful site about senior travel to help you plan your next vacation!

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