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Senior Home Exchange: The Key to Affordable Travel
Want to take a vacation? The Seniors Vacation and Home Exchange is a great place to start planning. You can do a straight vacation exchange of your home, or exchange hospitality vacations. Many elders want to travel and want to do so affordably. This site puts you in touch with other seniors for travel possibilities via exchanging homes. Geared for those over 50 who enjoy travel, home exchanging is a great way to save money and see the world! Browse listings to see why you should sign up and view photos of homes that you can stay in during your senior vacation.

Healthy Eating for the Elderly
Seniors need to pay attention to nutrition as they age. A healthy diet can provide increased mental acuteness, help you resist illness and disease, give you more energy, improve your immune system, provide faster recuperation times after sickness and help elders manage chronic health problems. This article defines what obstacles require seniors to pay special attention to their diet. It also features senior nutritional recommendations, and gives elders and caregivers tips for creating a healthy, well-balanced diet. It gives useful senior nutrition tips, such as flavoring food healthfully and having a diet low in fat and sodium and high in fiber and calcium.

Lighting the Home for Seniors
This article discusses how aging adults can enjoy their homes more during retirement. Knowing that aging eyes need a better kind of light and more of it to be comfortable, remodeling the lighting in your home improves comfort threefold, it says. Lighting affects everything, and many elders are using lighting to improve comfort and provide more energy efficiency. This discusses various types of lighting that are better for seniors. If you want to do some at-home projects to improve the value and comfort of your home, this article will give you all you need to know about good lighting for the elderly.

The Care Guide for Seniors
Seniors can take very simple steps to make sure they are safe at all times. Topics include building an accessible bathroom for the elderly or disabled, safety tips for seniors walking in the winter, preventing falls for elders and exercise tips. The site discusses topics such as memory loss, housing and care management, caregiving, nutrition, health and wellness, finances, government resources and egal issues. More topics include a home safety checklist for seniors, how-to home safety tips, security tips, Alzheimer’s care and more.

Active Adults: Housing Options for Seniors
No matter what kind of housing you choose, this site from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development explains senior living options. Find out what kind of housing is best for you or someone you care for. Links to Meals on Wheels programs, in-home help, housing loans for elders, reverse mortgages and a section on home repair for the elderly is included for those who can stay at home. You or someone you love may want to consider a senior apartment; the site has links to affordable rent, public housing and rural rental help. Plenty of information on senior housing and aging are included here, making this a resourceful spot to learn about health and housing.

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