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A Guide to Elder Housing by After55.com
This site is the guide for elder housing, where you can find senior housing to search by distance, city and state, metro area, or the name of the housing complex. It also includes information related to elderly housing, such as senior services, moving services, insurance, storage, Medicare, Medicaid, senior associations and a glossary of housing-related terms. You can learn about how to get senior housing paid for and find other health-related services in your area. In addition, you can order Senior Outlook magazine, which will keep you posted on the latest in senior housing news and more.

ElderThink.com is an online magazine founded in 2007 and specially dedicated to seniors. Here, you can read tons of helpful tips on various categories. This includes health and wellness; lifestyles and living arrangements; relationships; fashion and lifestyle; activities and exercises, hobbies such as traveling; as well as spiritual choices. There are also articles about pets for seniors and how they can bond each other. Some articles are summaries of posts from different websites that talk about seniors. If you want to read related books, they have a special page for them.

Senior Safety and Health Resources: Topics of Concern
Plenty of elder health and safety topics are on this site, and it includes stories and explanations of each. Topics include online safety for seniors, fire prevention safety, avoiding scams, preventing falls, how the elderly can avoid identity theft, winter safety tips, vision tips in the winter, credit safety, avoiding bank fraud, senior health and fitness, Medicare news, financial information, information on aging and more. A useful site with plenty of content, though not as easy to navigate.

Elder Travel Sites: Adventures to Expeditions
Want to save money with elderly travel discounts, but donít want to get caught in the web of the Web? This site features the best elder travel websites reviewed by senior travel editor Alison Gardner. She recommends sites such as 50plusexpeditions.com, which feature adventure travel for people over 50. Those trips take you off the beaten path and feature small group tours across the globe. She also enjoyed ElderTreks.com, which features similar land journeys for seniors that focus on culture and nature, such as wildlife safaris and historical explorations. An easy to navigate website with valuable travel information.

Senior Living Guide.com
Senior Living Guide.com is a senior housing and service resource guide for seniors and their family, to more easily find, on a nationwide basis, housing, retirement communities, assisted living, adult communities, as well as nursing homes and Alazheimer's care and other relevant services such as in-home health care. The site also contains a Senior Style Info and Entertainment guide acovering such information as dealing with difficult family situations, travel and leisure, health and fitness, medical matters, benefits and legal issues, finances and estate planning, cooking and recipes, virtual travel, and things to challenge seniors mentally to stay sharp. There's also an Ask Karla forum for asking personal questions.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Elderly People
Elderly people have a high tendency to change their body and mind behavior. However, it can be reduced a lot if you will have a healthy lifestyle. If you want to know how, check this list of healthy living tips at Medic8.com. This includes stop smoking, reducing alcohol intake, having some physical exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, staying mentally active, being socially active, getting fresh air, living in a safe home, and practicing positive thinking. All of these strong recommendations have explanations on how to do them and their benefits.

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