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Ideas for Better Gardening - Samples

You Grow Girl
This cleverly titled website dishes the dirt on everything and anything garden-related. You can start by browsing the articles, which contain helpful gardening tips and advice. You can read plant journals. Check out the Garden area which contains information on starting a garden, as well as garden design. The Grow section discusses plants and how to care for them. Surf on over to Explore to gain information on the "fascinating world of plants". Or "Play" in the section that focuses on plant art, toys, downloads and other fun things. Not often found in garden sites, the "Use" section tells you how to prepare, cook, eat and use what your garden gave you.

Hydroponics for Kindergarteners
At the Kindergarten of The British Schools, in Uruguay, there is a continuing interest in finding new ways to improve the educational system. This article discusses how a kindergarten class experimented with a traditional garden plot with little results, due to several factors - limited space; mud prevented the children from keeping clean; the large number of children participating in the activities has not allowed the direct handling of tools; watering has been too complex for them to carry out ;and last, the crop has not been worth it, taking into account the big effort made by the group.

Better Homes and Gardens
The website of the popular monthly magazine was created to enhance the information that is provided in the print magazine. But it the information also stands alone in value without the print magazine, and the gardening section of the site is one of the premier online resources for gardening information. Choose from a variety of topics: landscaping, flowers, projects, tips and techniques, regional gardening, trees & shrubs, garden care, lawns and garden crafts. Get garden tips via email if you sign up for the BHG newsletter. Expert advice is offered in various categories and you can even check out the BGH.com store.

Gardening and Plant Guides
The Garden Helper is an online showcase of gardening and plant guides for the beginner or the veteran gardener. The website was created "to help budding gardeners discover the joys of gardening by explaining the right way to grow plants and flowers, trees and shrubs in easy to understand language." Check out the gardening guides, plant guides, plants for specific needs and house plants guides. The gardening calendar will help plan what to plant year round.

Visit the site for more: ForBetterGardening.com.

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