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Ideas for Healthy Food & Drink - Samples

The Healthiest Vegetables
Eating more vegetables is as central to a healthy nutrition plan as lowering/eliminating grains and sugars, drinking more water, or consuming omega-3. This web site lists the healthiest vegetables for you, which include broccoli, chives, collard greens, onions, spinach and more. It also includes others to use sparingly because they have carbs in them, such as eggplant and carrots. The vegetable, according to this site, that many should avoid are potatoes because of the carbs. Look at this list of the healthiest vegetables to help you eat healthier.

Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles
Healthy eating is easy when you know how to read labels and which foods are best for you to eat. It's a web site by the British Food and Drink Federation with information about how to see if your lifestyle is healthy and which foods are best to eat. Also included is a section that gives ideas and advice to promote a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, no matter where you work. Everyone can benefit from good food and healthy drinks. If you're in the area and want a personal chef in Aspen that cook nutrious, health food, check out personal chefing service Flourish.

Noni Juice's Popularity in Asia
Ancient healers in Polynesia used noni to treat cuts and other complaints, while elderly village folk in Malaysia ate the boiled leaves and fruit as a way to clean blood. This article says Tahitian noni is touted as the next herbal panacea. But it also says that the noni juice craze originated in America when scientists heard of it in the 90s. According to them, noni contains proxeronine and the enzyme proxeronase. These react in the gut to form xeronine, an alkaloid which, they claim, aids cells function - and produces various therapeutic effects. While scientific evidence is limited, tales about noni's benefits have proliferated, spread via the Internet and word of mouth.

Which Foods Can Increase My Energy?
One woman writes to iVillage and gets some helpful tips about foods to consume for more energy, and also learns which foods aid in drowsiness and sluggishness. It's also important, the writer responds, to get enough sleep and let your body embrace napping if you can. Many foods can make you feel better and choosing the right ones is important.

Eating Healthy, Eating for Fitness
When you don't just want to lose weight but pick up a healthy diet that improves your health, this is a good place to turn to. It includes sections on diet plans, fitness, healthy eating, healthy cooking and more. There are original tips and advice, as well as recipe makeovers that include holiday treats. There is a wealth of free healthy eating information here, though they encourage you to join. You can still pick up health tips and more.

Visit the site for more: HealthyFoodAndDrink.com.

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