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Ideas for Area Rugs & Flooring - Samples

Rug and Carpet Care: A Comprehensive Guide
This article at MarthaStewart.com has a detailed explanation on how to take care of rugs and carpets. The first part focuses on how to reduce the chance of rugs and carpets getting dirty, as well as different types of cleaning methods. The second part talks about proper removing of blots and strains. The third part discusses the importance of HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filters in vacuum cleaners. The fourth part is about the different kinds of materials used in carpets and how to clean them. The fifth and last part explains the different kinds of blots and to how to carefully remove them.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and Cons
Bamboo is a very popular type of wood flooring material. Bamboo isn't a wood, but rather a grass. Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it is very hard, strong, and dimensionally stable. Environmentally, itís hard to argue with a wood-substitute that matures in three years, regenerates without need for replanting, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides. In fact, these larger species of bamboo have been used in construction for thousands of years, and even in modern Asian cities itís not uncommon to see a large concrete building being constructed from a bamboo scaffolding. This article discusses a lot about bamboo flooring and how it can be effectively used, and decoratively.

All You Need to Know About Rugs
All You Need to Know About Rugs is the slogan of the website RugChick.com. While that may be an overstatement,there's a lot of good information here, especially in the For Rug Owners section. Topics include what to do about pet urine, bugs, storage, shag rugs, rug dyes and what makes them bleed, what you need to know about synthetic rugs, and more. This site offers hints, tips and advice on purchase, use and care of a wide variety of area rugs and other types of rugs. Area rugs come in a number of colors and a variety of styles, everything from braided, to shag, to wool, to woven, to hooked and many other sytles. Area rugs are designed to cover just a small area. When purchasing an area rug always measure the area that needs to be covered first and never buy on impulse. Color and size should be prdetermined ahead of time. Know ahead of time what kind of area rug you are looking for, hand knotted, woollen, woven, braided, hooked, tufted, rag, Oriental, shag, Flotaki, Sisal, Tibetan, Persian, etc. Know the shape as well as the size you are looking for before you start your purchase. It makes a great deal of difference whether you are looking for a square, round, oval or some other shape to fit into a particular place. Be aware that older rugs often cost more than newer rugs, but be further aware that some rug dealers give their rugs a chemical wash to make them appear older (and more valuable) than they really are. Lastly, when you buy a rug of any type, be sure to ask the dealer for specific instructions for washing and cleaning the rug.

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