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Sport of Triathlon - Samples

Triathlon Bicycles and Products
Site includes information about ideal specs. Writers sum up triathlon races and specs about triathlon bicycles, triathlon races, products, race results, and more. An interview section features articles about triathletes, while product reviews include information about triathlon bikes, triathlon equipment, triathlon wetsuits, triathlon components, triathlon saddles, and other triathlon equipment. More features and a forum are included so users can talk with other triathletes.

Triathlon Training to Build Endurance and Energy
If your entering a triathlon, training is a vital component to your success. This website gives triathletes triathlon training plans and running training plans. Also included is an online training system, triathlon apparel and a triathlon newsletter. A news section, as well as triathlon basics and a training center is also offered. The main goal of this website is to give endurance athletes multi-sport information and affordable, reliable performance-enhancing training solutions.

Triathlon Equipment: Shorts, Clothing, Wetsuits, Bicycles
The special needs of triathlon competitions - three-stage races including swimming, cycling, and running in the same event - have led to the development of a whole range of specialized clothing and equipment, and this article discusses various equipment needed for the swimming, bicycling, and running aspects of the race. A section on triathlon bicycles and aero bars are also included. For running, elastic shoelaces are also included. These laces allows them to pre-set the tension of the laces but then to pull on the shoes without stopping to tie the laces. This saves a few seconds of time during the bike-to-run transition.

Visit the site for more: TriathlonNow.com.

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