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Ideas for Better Children's Health - Samples

Help for Teens: Stories, Information and Help
This site gives teens recovery stories so they can learn how other teens coped with drug and alcohol abuse. It also offers memorials of teens who died from drug and alcohol abuse. A section called Help for Teens gives teens advice about how to tell if a friend has a drug problem, how drug users can get help, how to talk to a friend about a drug problem, what to do if your friend has a drug problem, why people canít handle drinking and drugs.

Chiropractic Care for Children
This article by chiropractor Belinda Siddle discusses asserts that many common childhood ailments respond well to chiropractic care and answers questions asked by parents about children's spinal health. It says that kids need chiropractic because they encounter many physical stresses during growing years that can result in problems in their spines. Siddle says that the earliest challenge for a growing spine is the in utero position, which can cause stree to the spine during birth. Then there are many deelompent and growth milestones that are effected by spinal alighnment, such as learning to hold up the head, sitting upright, crawling and walking. Later, a child is suceptible to falls, sports injuries, playground bumps, heavy school bags and sitting all day in the classroom. For first-rate, reliable los angeles chiropractic, see Cooper Chiropractic in West LA near Santa Monica--more than 20 years at the same location.

Help Your Child Eat Healthy Foods and Stay Healthy
Healthy eating will not only help your childís body grow and develop correctly, but youíll instill lifelong healthy eating tips that will help your child take care of him or herself. This site gives tips on foods your child should eat, as well as sources of calcium, simple snack ideas for kids, helping overweight kids lose weight, and helping your child become more active. A section on how kids eating habits are formed is included.

Introducing a New Baby to the Pet Dog
Here, world-famous dog trainer Cesar Milan made a detailed explanation on how families should introduce a new baby to their pet dog. This includes establishing a secured boundary between the dog and the infant, as well as proper preparation of the dog months before the baby arrives. According to the TV personality, leadership and the ability to control the dog matter a lot. Pet owners should not assume safety of the baby just because their dog belongs to the so-called friendly breeds and doesn't require training. Likewise, growing babies should be taught on how to treat dogs properly.

Round or Square School Cafeteria Tables: Which One is Best?
Check out this interesting answer to the debate about whether round or square cafeteria tables are a better choice for schools who want to encourage students to interact with each other so that no one is left out. The ultimate answer to the question doesn't lie in discussing round or square, but in teaching students the right attitude about having respect for others.

Understanding Physical Development in Young Children
This information piece by North Dakota State University discusses the important role of physical abilities in a child's life and how these abilities progress with the growth of the child. The concept of physical development includes two major categories. Normative development concerns normal capabilities and limitations of children within a given age and cultural group and indicates a range for a given time. Dynamic development concerns the sequence and physical changes in all aspects of a child's functioning over time with experience. The goal in understanding this information is to know what a child should be able to do physically at different ages, and how best to direct a child for healthy development.

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