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Senior Lifestyle Magazine
Want to make the most of your golden years? Turn to the Internet? This site has information for elderly adults, including statistics and facts and figures. It discusses how to maintain healthy relationships as an elder, and making time to laugh and reflect on life. A section on senior health is offered, too, as well as links and resources to other senior-friendly sites on the web. Make the most of the second half of your life with Senior Lifestyle Magazine.

Role of Chiropractic Care in Anti-Aging Medicine
This article at DynamicChiropractic.com was written by Philip T. Santiago. He is the only chiropractic member of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine Team in the XXVth Olympiad in Barcelona in 1992. Here, Santiago tackles the role of chiropractic care in anti-aging medicine. After presenting the statistics of baby boomers in the US, he suggested that chiropractic physicians are likely to have an important contribution in field of anti-aging medicine. However, Santiago emphasized that it is a complicated but promising field. He added that Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) still need specific training to make this a reality.

Senior Discounts: Saving on the Internet
Looking for senior citizen discounts? This website says it lists more than 125,000 discounts. Members get discounts if they are over the age of 55, and receive a Senior Discount Guide Book, with 500-plus pages of references, a personalized card, and membership newsletters. On the site, you can search for discounts and add a discount that you find on the Internet. The site has discounts on dental and vision, as well as alternative, prescriptions, chiropractic and alternative health for elders.

Safe Travels for Savvy Elders: Tips for a Safe Vacation
Retirement is a stage of life that now accounts for 20 percent of the average adult's life span. This explosive extension of the retirement years is a result of a 50 percent increase in life expectancy, from 49 to 74 years since 1900. Today, instead of spending an average of only 1.3 years in retirement, people can look forward to at least 14 years of retirement living, according to Prof. David Demko, of the AgeVenture News Service. He offers these senior travel safety tips for the elderly and active adults who venture out on trips. These pointers include making sure you have enough time and money to see all the sites, taking comfortable clothing, keeping an open and patient mind, using travelerís checks instead of cash, carrying emergency phone numbers, traveling with a buddy and sticking to their regular diet as much as possible. Taking a trip? Tons of senior safety travel tips are right here!

Senior Housing: Payment Options and Housing Care Types
With so many housing care types for elders, such as independent living at home, Alzheimerís care management facilities, assisted living and nursing care, this site will help you navigate the available senior housing options for you or a loved one. It includes tools for selecting elder care, and a section on financing senior care, including legal advice and tips on using Medicare and Medicaid. You can even find a mover and learn about how to settle into a new elderly care facility or independent living community. Want a new home? Find a community for active adults where you can enjoy friends, safety and an enjoyable senior living experience.

WebMd.com Offers Authoritative Information About Chiropractor Care
Internet users know they can count on the information provided by WebMd.com and this section of the site looks at chiropractic care. Visitors can learn more about the type of treatment they will receive from a chiropractic practitioner, including a detailed examination and spinal manipulation. The article also sets out the potential risks and benefits of seeking chiropractic treatments. A number of links to related topics, videos and message boards are also listed here.

Safety at Home: A Guide for the Elderly
It is vital that seniors take steps to ensure they are safe in their homes, especially if they are not living in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Here are some articles with safety tips for elder citizens. They cover topics such as disaster preparation for the elderly, bathing aids for seniors, pesticide safety, sleeping pill, carbon monoxide and food safety, and safe driving for seniors. It doesnít take much to read these tips and implement them, so be sure to take a few minutes and read through the tips in this valuable collection of elder safety articles.

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