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Holistic Aging for Senior Citizens
Living Over Aging is dedicated to the concept that a personís whole body, mind and spirit play into overall health. The site features information on senior inspiration, holistic aging, chat rooms and more. The Elder Journal features information on dementia and Alzheimerís disease. A calendar of events is included with events for creative seniors. More and more healing arts like acupuncture, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, Reiki, massage therapy and hypnotherapy are being utilized as complementary methods alongside conventional methods for many older adults.

Find Out How to Handle Holiday Complaints at HolidayTravelWatch.net
While most people have good memories of their vacation time, that isn't always the case. HolidayTravelWatch.net, a UK-based site, provides helpful information for people who need to get away to recover from the disappointment of their last holiday. Find out how to get your holiday complaints resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. Check out the Press Centre for thought-provoking commentary on issues affecting travelers.

Senior Health, Travel and More by ElderNet
ElderNet presents this useful site covering senior health, travel and other elder activities, as well as senior financial planning and much more. Financial planning is vital for many elderly citizens to ensure that they can enjoy retirement. This has tips and resources on retirement planning and choosing a financial planner, 401K information and mutual funds tips. Learn about your elder health and retirement benefits and explore the senior lifestyles directory. A section on senior activities and ideas for fun is included. You can also visit the ElderNet lawyer and get legal information on senior lifestyle and financial issues. A great one-stop-shop sort of website for seniors who want savvy tips and up to date information.

Senior Housing News: Whatís New
Senior citizen housing is an important topic, especially with the number of baby boomers moving into retirement. This site provides the latest on important housing information and housing assistance for elders. It discusses housing grant assistance available to the elderly, and other health-related topics such as fall prevention through home modifications and remodeling, and how to make your home elder-friendly. There is a discussion board where seniors and caregivers can talk to others about housing issues, and also includes links to assisted living, financial and prescription information for seniors. Updated regularly so you can stay on top of senior housing and care management news.

Elder Fire Safety Tips: Preventing Fires
This question and answer column in The Observer News explores fire safety tips for seniors and notes a question-asker whose parents have had some close calls with regard to fires. Jim Miller, the columnist, explains that more than 4,000 Americans die in fires each year and 25,000 are injured in homes fires. Elders are especially vulnerable, he says. Statistics show that seniors ages 65 and older are three times more likely to die or be injured in a home fire than those younger, Miller adds. Careless smoking is a huge fire cause. Obviously making sure your heating system is safe and cooking safely are vital to preventing fires for seniors.

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