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Strength Exercises for Elderly People on About.com
Seniors still need to exercise so they can attain total body strength. In this set of exercises at , elderly people can improve their flexibility, stability and balance. To perform them, they may need an exercise ball, a resistance band a medicine ball, dumbbells, a chair and a step or staircase. However, you should consult first with your doctor before trying any of them. This is to avoid any further injury if you have any pain or other conditions that needs medication. Some of the drills mentioned here are chair squat, ball taps, step ups, wall push up, lateral raises, bird dog, and seated rotations. Each exercise comes with a step-by-step procedure and photos as additional guide.

Aging and Elders
Seniors experience the aging process, which involves growth and development. This site provides information on elder health, symptoms and tests, treatment and information on staying healthy. Topics covered include: aging and brain health, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, genetics, living with arthritis, low energy, impotence, mammograms, aging and weight loss for seniors, aging and exercise, food safety, and more. More information includes information for the elderly about research, facts and figures and more. Improve senior health by learning about prevention and treatment here.

Seven Senior Safety Suggestions
Senior drivers have driving experience, which is a big advantage when it comes to highway safety. Still, you need to be able to adapt to changes in traffic laws, equipment, skills, and even other vehicles on the road, states this site, created by DMV.org. Tips include avoiding nighttime driving, taking a safe driving course, skipping and avoiding heavy traffic, preparing and checking your car, preparing to share the road, selecting the right instrument panel and avoiding distractions. You can read more about elderly road safety and transportation at SeniorDrivers.Org and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Elder Travel: Tips for a Smooth Ride
Join the senior travel editor as she explores the fun and how-to’s of elderly travel. She includes tips for traveling seniors on topics such as how they can travel with pets, taking to the road with RVs, traveling alone as an elder, safe travel tips, and more. You can check out blog posts and more on this useful site. Other article topics include senior health and planning elder care. Mostly, you’ll get some useful tips if you are a senior traveling, or a caretaker planning on traveling with an elderly citizen.

Care Management: Senior Health
With so many conditions facing elderly citizens, it is important for seniors to take charge of their health and learn about the aging process and how to prevent and cope with various conditions. This site has an aging and elder health news section that discusses muscle health, benefits of folic acid, the importance of colorectal screenings, and much more. There is a drug interaction resource, as well as information out of drug prescription programs. Learn about diseases and conditions such as glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, dementia, sleep disturbances, dietary supplements for seniors, fall prevention, bone density scans, aging and alcohol use, and urinary incontinence. Plenty of health information here for seniors who want to manage their health proactively.

Finding Housing for the Elderly
Housing Choices is an online service on SeniorResrouce.com. It helps elders and their caregivers choose appropriate housing and care management. It provides all the categories, from age-restricted communities, modular home communities and shared housing, to assisted living, nursing homes and Alzheimer's Communities that are options for elder housing--and of course, the option of staying at home. The site also includes resources for senior health support services. A news section keeps seniors and their caregivers informed of the latest improvements and news items related to housing. Topics include Medicaid basics, elder law and retirement planning. There are also links to sites that will let you compare nursing homes, find Alzheimer’s disease care and much more.

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