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See the World: Adventure Travel for Seniors by Elderhostel/ Road Scholar
Ready, set, go! If you’re ready to explore more than 8,000 all-inclusive learning adventures within the U.S. and in 90 countries, Elderhostel offers an in-depth and behind-the-scenes learning experiences for almost every interest and ability. History, culture, nature, music, outdoor activities such as walking and biking, individual skills, crafts, study cruises: Enjoy these and many more with the not-for-profit leader in educational travel for aging adults. Meet other seniors while you travel and find out about adventures of a lifetime you can take alone or with a caregiver. The world is yours to see and senior travel can be very exciting with adventures such as these.

Senior Health and Nutrition Over 60
A Healthy Me is a site from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. It has a section for seniors that features daily highlights pertaining to elder health and living longer and well. It cover topics such as nutrition, staying fit, preventative health, safety, using mediations, living far from grandchildren, active aging and more. Fitness and nutritional information for seniors is also offered, as well as information about how to start an exercise program. There are quizes on arthritis, hearing and late-life depression. A section on Alzheimer’s disease offers the latest on Alzheimer’s disease-related news, as well as how to care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. A section on emotional health after the age of 60, as well as information on home safety for seniors and elder sexuality.

Great List of Tips for Successful Aging and Senior Healthon MedicineNet.com
If you’re looking for tips on how to stay healthy as you age, here are some great ones from MedicineNet.com . Among the topics included here are the common facts about health in seniors, changes in your body once you grow old, common illnesses and diseases seniors encounter, social issues, changes in lifestyle, the importance of exercise, the role of diet, various routine medical tests, and some safety measures. There are also slideshows on how to overcome sexual problems, different kinds of exercises and drills, and eighteen secrets of successful aging.

Choosing Elder Housing and Residential Care
Many seniors remain in their houses past the age of 65. In fact, many elderly housing options today are independent. There are nursing homes and other facilities, such as Alzheimer’s disease facilities, that can help elders get the care they need. Independent living, assisted living and nursing home care are the three basic types of senior housing. This site gives you basic information about housing options and clearly explains why the topic of elder housing can be hard to understand, how to choose a housing option for you, what the challenges of aging are, and what types of activities are included in many housing options.

Medicare Information and Updates for Seniors
Have questions regarding Medicare? This is an easy-to-use website that has information updated regularly from real people about using and benefiting from Medicare. Topics include using Medicare and Medicaid and understanding your Medicare options. It also allows you to compare your Medicare plan options and find information on the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Stay on top of important Medicare changes that may affect your coverage—subscribe to the free e-newsletters that can help you stay informed about health care benefits and options. Learn about discount prescription drugs and discount prescription drug programs for seniors.

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